Shocktopus Games
Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Release date:
Q1 2022

Valve Index
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
Oculus Quest (2) + Link
Windows Mixed Reality (TBA)


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Now There Be Goblins is a game about whacking goblins whilst strategically defending the statue by laying down traps and placing structures. Fight off hordes of goblins in this VR smack and smash tower defence hybrid! Punish the invading goblins by using your mighty chained hammer and your wide arsenal of traps and structures. However be aware, the goblins keep coming back with new surprises. Attempt more levels and higher difficulties, discover badass structures and unlock unique upgrades, to ultimately defeat all the goblins once and for all!


Now There Be Goblins reached a playable state in Febuary 2020 and was offically selected for the IMAGINE Film Festival and Dutch Game Gardens INDIGO. Where for the first time, the prototype would be openly playable on UTOMIK. After an overwelming amount of positive feedback the team decided to found Shocktopus Games and realise their vision for Now There Be Goblins. While in pre-alpha production, a demo released on the Steam Game Festival February 2021. The game is currently in closed-alpha.


  • Smack, bash and stomp the goblins with your mighty blacksmiths hammer, and see them flying. Fight your way through hordes of goblins and find the source of these pesky beasts.
  • Cannons, barricades, poison, traps, huge piercing bolts and much more are at your disposal. Place them anywere you desire and find out which spots wreak the most havok. Observe, learn and change your strategy to find new ways to take advantage of your structures.
  • Use anything you can find to dispose of these vile goblins: grab a torch, use dynamite, throw a bottle or destroy the entire bridge! You can even grab their weapons to use against them. Or simply use your massive chained hammer to stomp and bash them back.
  • Put on your VR headset and get ready for hours of smacking and smashing, however be aware, the goblins keep coming back with new surprises. Attempt new strategies, unlock badass structures and discover unique upgrades, to ultimately defeat all the goblins once and for all!


Watch the latest trailer of Now There Be Goblins: YouTube


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About Shocktopus Games

Shocktopus Games is a three-person startup based in the heart of the Netherlands, focused on creating satisfying and polished Virtual Reality games with in-depth game progression.

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Now There Be Goblins Credits

Yassine Minjon
Developer, Co-Founder

Yamir Oldenburg
Game Designer, Co-Founder

Tom van Dijk
Game Artist, Co-Founder

Thomas van Rossum
Audio Engineer, Freelancer

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