Shocktopus Games

Creating highly polished and satisfying VR games.

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About Us

Shocktopus Games is a three-person startup based in the heart of the Netherlands, focused on creating satisfying and polished VR games with in-depth game progression.


Virtual Reality has the ability to facilitate interactions which are so intuitive that they just feel good. That is what we strive for.


Polish really makes or breaks an experience. We aim to deliver nothing short of highly polished content.

VR from the ground up

No chess in VR, no top-down gameplay. We create games that are MADE for VR.


We make games with in-depth mechanics and a real game progression.

Now There Be Goblins

Now There Be Goblins is a game about whacking goblins whilst strategically defending the statue by laying down traps and placing structures.

Fight off hordes of goblins in this VR smack and smash tower defence hybrid! Punish the invading goblins by using your mighty chained hammer and your wide arsenal of traps and structures.

However be aware, the goblins keep coming back with new surprises. Attempt new strategies, unlock badass structures and discover unique upgrades, to ultimately defeat all the goblins once and for all!

The team

Yassine Minjon

Game Developer

Yamir Oldenburg

Game Designer

Tom van Dijk

Game Artist